Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dependable Strengths Workshop

Monday, April 27, 2009
Dependable Strengths Workshop
Facilitator: Anne Scholl-Fiedler, UMBC Director of Career Center

I was privileged to attend this workshop. The purpose is to discover your passion and assess your strengths and what you enjoy - i.e., "dependable strengths"
Throughout the workshop we think, remember, and share good experiences (defined as an experience in which we feel we did well, enjoyed doing, and feel proud of). We compared our self assessment to feedback from others, and honed in on what are our dependable strengths. I scored high on analysis, ideas, initiative, organizer, planner, and practical.
My dependable strengths (what I am good at and I enjoy doing) are:
  1. Organize ideas into an easy to understand output (schematic or presentation)
  2. Plan programs that are beneficial to others
  3. Solve problems in a practical way
  4. Take initiative and involve people
Towards the end of the workshop we got into groups and planned a program. Each person volunteered in a role that was consistent with their dependable strengths. One person took up the teaching role, while another wanted to do writing, and another wanted to do the creative part. Another took care of logistics and food. Another thought of fundraising. I volunteered to be the program chair. I observed that we were all quite satisfied and and did our parts happily.

This workshop was eye opening. I learned that what one person thinks of as a burden to do is actually a treat for another. If we all work within our dependable strengths, then we will be a much stronger, happier team.

I would love to have a Dependable Strengths workshop here at UMB for the PROMISE students. Is this of interest to you? I welcome your comments!
--Dr. Judith Pollack, PROMISE Coordinator at UMB

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