Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fischell Bioengineering Day at UM College Park

The 3rd Annual Fischell Festival
April 21, 2009
Kim Engineerig Building, University of Maryland, College Park.

I represented the University of Maryland School of Medicine at the Fischell Bioengineering Day, University of Maryland College Park. Several people stopped by the table, looked at the poster, picked up handouts, and talked with me. The posterboard consisted of three main topics:
  1. Graduate Programs in Life Sciences (GPILS)
  2. PROMISE: Maryland's AGEP (Alliance for Graduate Education and the Profesoriate)
  3. School of Medicine Combined MD-Masters programs
There was considerable interest in the MD-Masters in Bioengineering (in partnership with UM College Park), and a question whether an MD-PhD in Bioengineerig is also available (the answer is: it is in the works). One person was interested in the MD-MBA program. Surprisingly, about 4 people who asked about the combined program were high school students (i.e., incoming undergraduate students to UM Bioengineering). Apparently they were also interested in getting an MD. I salute these bright and young minds. Maryland definitely has a lot to offer!
---Dr. Judith Pollack, PROMISE Coordinator at UMB

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