Monday, May 11, 2009

Peer Mentor Training: Reflections, what worked, what didn't

PROMISE Peer Mentor Training
May 5, 2009
MSTF 316

Discussion Items:
1. Reflections: Healthy Living Symposium June 4, 2009
2. Peer mentoring at UMB: what worked/didn't. Dr. Trudy Smith, past Peer Mentor

Attendance: Jocelyn, Victor, Calvin, Antonia, Trudy, Maria, Hermela, Holly, Sean, Judith.

1. Reflections: Healthy Living Symposium June 4, 2009
Reflections will take place on Thursday June 4, 2009, in the MSTF Auditorium, 6:00-8:30 pm. The schedule is as follows:
6:00-6:10 Welcome, dinner (buffet)
6:10-6:40 Talk on Sleep, Dr. Jeanne Geiger Brown
6:40-6:45 Raffles
6:45-7:30 Cooking Demo, Victoria Proctor
7:30-7:35 Raffles
7:35-8:25 Tai chi and Yoga demo (2x25 min)
8:25-8:30 Raffles, closing remarks
  • Sleep talk: Speaker is confirmed, bio has been received, will need computer/projector for her presentation. (contact: Maria)
  • Cooking demo: Speaker is confirmed, bio has been received. Still waiting for contract and handouts. Did not need audio/visual equipment. (contact: Calvin)
  • Tai chi demo: it was decided that 2x25 min sessions is better than 3x15 min sessions. Tai chi needs big room, will use the Atrium. Will need speakers and music. (contact: Sean)
  • Yoga demo: will also follow 2x25 min sessions. Instructor will bring mats, will need people to help carry mat from car to Atrium. May need to have a separate room for yoga. Ask for a contract (contact: Holly)
  • Catering: Yabba Pot, $15 perperson. Menu has been confirmed. Will need to provide our own drinks and paperware.
  • Raffles: It was reminded that the raffle prizes shoudl be consistent with our theme "healthy living." Judith will contact Office of Development/Outreach to go about getting raffle prizes from community. Holly will ask Yoga instructor if will donate a free class. Trudy will ask Whole Foods for gift card.
  • Advertising: Judith and Jocelyn will get together and discuss.
Dr. Pollack's to-do list:
- reserve extra room off the MSTF Atrium for Yoga
- Call physical plantfor podium/tables; AV for projector screen and microphone
- Contact Office of Development/Outreach for raffle prizes
- Find out who signs the contracts

2. Peer mentoring at UMB: what worked/didn't. Dr. Trudy Smith, past Peer Mentor
Trudy shared her experiences as past Peer Mentor and reflected on what she wished had happened, what worked and what did not work. Others chimed in and shared their experiences, opinions, and suggestions. Below is a summary.
  • Better communication between Coordinator and Peer Mentors, lots of reminders
  • Get participation form peer mentors and non-peer mentors
  • Get mentees (need recruiting)
  • More focused meetings and UMB-specific training
  • Outings and celebrations
Details (in no particular order):
- Peer mentoring at UMB was very different from UMBC, UMCP.
- wished there were more mentees (there were not enough new people)
- needed a more structured mentor/mentee guideline (it was too informal, and trainings from UMBC/UMCP were too broad and not applicable).
- needed training at UMB, discussing topics such as conflict resolution.
- Peer mentors could take turns leading a talk (eg on presentation skills, finding research topics, life balance), or just sharing about themselves.
- In the past there have been celebratory parties/end of semester outings for the Peer Mentors, eg go to Cheesecake factory or go to Dr. Warnick's house.
- Need more focused meetings, not so much of venting/complaining about self, but more focused towards Peer mentor training or professional development.
- Need to clearly define the roles of peer mentors and peer mentors in training (besides the money). => Currently there are no peer mentors in training.
- Need to have clear communication between Coordinator and peer mentors, lots of reminders.
- Need to have more participation for non-mentors.
- Need to make the program self-propelling, such that if the Coordinator leaves, there is a mechanism to keep the program going.
- Suggestion to look at forming an organization under USGA, or a subsidiary of another group. (Sean will look into this).
- What happened to Summer Bridge program? => Currently no budget for that. However, GPILS has a Bridge program, and PROMISE can be introduced at that time.
- PROMISE has a slot during Grad school orientation in August.

Announcements/Reminders/Closing Remarks: Hooding ceremony May 14, Commencement May 15.

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